Pooled equity partners for capital projects

Emerging markets


We connect sponsors with investors through a bespoke incubator platform where projects advance through their gestation processes and are then showcased to investor peer groups.


Access Guyana, one of the most promising and underexplored mining regions in the world. We help early adopters get a front seat and a strong position in this sunrise industry.

Real Estate

Review a curated suite of vetted real estate projects backed by experienced developers. Projects are from public and private sector sources, including institutions, and family offices.


Attend our live or virtual reverse roadshows and find project sponsors with diverse opportunities in the agro and food processing industries in need of technology and investment.


The Caribbean is a preferred global hub for destination development. There are market opportunities for indigenous cruise ship projects, eco, and other niche market products.


Caribbean countries are experiencing widespread amendments to their telecommunication laws. This is bringing an end to monopolies and creating new market opportunities.


Project syndicates

Join or form a project team and collaborate with like-minded partners to reduce risk and share expertise.


Find service providers

Find experienced and trusted service providers to support your ventures. Have the confidence of knowing that you’re working with teams of vetted professionals.    

What problems we solve

Capital projects are typically burdened with front-end risks that threaten success during the gestation period. We help entrepreneurs and sponsors take projects to market with lower front-end costs, integrating off-take and forward commitments into finely tuned project opportunities and present them in investor roadshows.

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How is Investean used

Investean has match-making and project development tools for entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals to connect and develop fruitful relationships and to collaborate on a curated suite of professionally vetted projects available on the platform.
The full project cycle

What services we offer

We offer a digitized management platform with an industry-specific knowledge base, data room, and we host a third-party corporate concierge with services such as incorporation, serviced offices, virtual office services, and managed business solutions. We also help partnerships manage risk by developing ESG and CSR policies with creative legacy programs that sync with host communities.

Investean events and activities

We host trade promotion missions, expos, business mixers, and reverse roadshows to facilitate the formation of investor syndicates and joint venture arrangements. We provide smart applications to help event participants screen attendees and provide intelligent match-making services that result in meaningful connections.

Trusted support team

Our project incubator platform is managed by a small team of action-oriented professionals with experience in project management, law, finance, ITC, and marketing. Each phase of our technology stack is supported by headliner technology companies with integrated best-in-class apps (built for purpose) to provide an efficient workflow process for your project development needs.

Network members
Vetted projects
Service providers
Capital Partners


Vetted capital projects

View project opportunities, find and collaborate with investors, consultants, and contractors. Develop buyer and off-take arrangements in a secure electronic work-space. New projects are added frequently.


Make business decisions

Get accurate and timely information to help make sound decisions. Access our member-driven knowledge base for curated news, funding tips, guidelines, and request proprietary research exercises.


Live investor events

We host trade promotion missions, business expos, private B2B mixers to facilitate matchmaking and partnerships. These face-to-face forums help members build trust for potential transactions.

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What our members are looking for

Our members’ needs are diverse. We have project sponsors that are looking for investment partners and investors in search of vetted, high-quality project opportunities. Ours is a member-driven, project incubator platform to manage project risk during the gestation period for project sponsors and entrepreneurs and to create opportunities for matchmaking events among project sponsors and investors.

Looking for vetted projects70%
Looking for local partnerships68%
Need access to talent pool62%
Looking for technology providers55%
Need a CSR and legacy program72%
Smart investors understand social responsibility

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Investor mixers, trade missions and reverse roadshows

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Electronic work spaces

Project sponsors and entrepreneurs can develop projects in secured, feature-rich electronic workspaces. Projects can be developed from concept to full project documentation within our four-stage incubator platform. Tools are available for team collaboration, file sharing, task management, market testing, offtake development, and include a marketplace for onboarding professional consultants across multiple sectors.
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